Flash a flawless smile on your big day with Dr. Fady Yaacoub

You’re wearing a diamond of a white gown, your hair is in a fashionable updo and you’re carrying a bouquet of fragrant lilies made for a queen as you stare into his eyes. Then the photographer goes, “Smile!” And let’s face it, nothing is more stunning than a lovely bride with a brilliant smile.

Want to look like your most gorgeous version of yourself on your wedding day? Or eager to have those pearly whites match that dress? Relax, chairman of Medic8 Clinics and orthodontist Dr Fady Yaacoub  reveal the secrets to nailing a dazzling smile on your wedding day.

– How can a beautiful smile affect people’s daily lives and a bride’s special day?

An alluring, natural smile improves self-confidence and ranks as an important factor in social life when dealing with people. You may never be photographed and filmed more than on your wedding day, and ensuring you never hesitate to show your bright, beautiful smile is a must  every bride should consider on her wedding planning checklist.

The great artist Da Vinci divided the woman’s face into three equal sections, in order to draw the perfect feminine figure. At Medic8 Clinics, state-of-the-art technology is combined with professional and compassionate specialists who take the consistency between those three facial sections into account to get a symmetrical smile. The current trends in aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry procedures have pushed great results when it comes to smile makeovers, but complete dental art focuses on how to get back your natural, balanced smile, so dentists should collaborate with a dermatologist and a cosmetic surgeon.

– Which bare essentials need to be emphasised before proceeding in any treatment?

A personal study on every patient is a basic format prior to any treatment. When choosing types of teeth, we select soft teeth for women to radiate femininity and more prominent ones for men, to maintain the attributes of manhood. Additionally, individuals in their various states must be taken into consideration to shape the different facial expressions regarding the mouth’s curve.

– What are the main steps you follow during treatment?

First of all, scheduling enough time on your wedding plan calendar is fundamental.

While some dental procedures only take hours, some might need more. We want to frame the whole treatment period to be completed at least two weeks in advance of your great day so the mouth has time to adjust to cosmetic change. The following steps are typical of a consultation to help you get a photogenic smile.

  1. Any bride is invited for a dental examination at Medic8 Clinics for a gum check-up and to spot underlying risks or infections like gingivitis. Neglecting periodontal problems or gum health could be putting your oral and heart health longevity at risk.
  2. Figuring out your dream smile in order to achieve a satisfactory outcome, based on your desire and your vision. At Medic8 Clinics, we show you a final smile preview using a diagnostic mock up in the Checking-Testing-Deciding method to remove any bride’s uncertainty about the result.
  3. Having a full facial analysis in collaboration with our cosmetic surgeon and dermatologist, who might treat some skin problems such as dark circles and wrinkles to win an integrated look. Recent orthodontic research demonstrated the need to treat the status of the teeth, mouth and jaw positions all together, filling wrinkles and hollow facial areas. Some cases might be transferred to cosmetic surgeons.
  4. The selection of appropriate materials for coating the teeth.

– Can you name some recent techniques used in cosmetic dentistry?

Treatment is relative to the status of the patient’s teeth and facial structure. At Medic8 Clinics, because we care, we have assured every patient gets the latest and best solution to any problem. To begin with, the successive evolution in orthodontics has made it possible for your orthodontic experience to be as effective, efficient and comfortable as possible, from Invisalign, Clear Speed braces and Acceledent to many other choices. Then there’s the application of veneers, known as an excellent technique in restorative dentistry to improve your smile’s appearance quickly. Coating the teeth with zirconium has enabled us to control the colour of the teeth, as well as transparency and shape. We also provide the ideal solution for removable dental appliances that are custom-made for your smile, expected to last several years. With our special interest and expertise in cosmetic dentistry and advanced smile design, we are happy to offer a Wedding Smile Package for every bride-to-be.

– How do you go about choosing an appropriate colour for teeth to complement a client’s skin tone?

Using a shade guide, we select the perfect colour to enhance and maintain a natural, bright smile and contour. How white is too white? For instance, fair skinned people can go for the whitest shades, while dark skin creates a contrast against teeth so they can appear bright with naturally occurring shades. That’s why dark-skinned people should choose a white that isn’t so bright.

– What are the required oral hygiene basics?

Visiting the dentist every six months to clean your teeth and maintain healthy gums. This rule also applies to patients who have veneers or a zirconium coating or have had any other cosmetic treatment.

– What are the best ways to whiten teeth?

It is the most beautiful gift a bride can give to herself. For those who enjoy harmonious healthy teeth and gums, whitening can be done in only 30 minutes through the most well-known and guaranteed ways. Whitening lights, used at Medic8 Clinics, are safe and do not cause permanent tooth sensitivity. Tyey are better than laser treatment, which we find harmful to oral health.

– Can you give our readers some oral health maintenance tips and advice?

It is important to brush your teeth regularly (three times a day) and change your tooth brush every three months. To guarantee the best outcome for your whitening, drinks and food that have pigments should be avoided for 10 days. Also shun whitening your teeth more than once  a year and always have it done at a certified dental clinic.

Dr. Fadi Yaacoub
Dr. Fadi Yaacoub 

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