The Spot brings joy to mothers with its new #SHTA2TELLIKMOM campaign


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Year after year, Mother’s Day in Lebanon gradually loses its value and importance. With the growing distance caused by their children’s continuous immigration, Lebanese mothers fail to find the joy of motherhood in their hearts as their longing for loved ones increases during the diaspora.

Recent statistics indicate 59% of Lebanese men and 45% of Lebanese women, aged between 35 and 39 respectively, live and work abroad, meaning these expats do not have the chance to reunite with their families in Lebanon, particularly on rare occasions such as Mother’s Day.

This situation only augments the anguish inside the hearts of these mothers who wish to meet their sons and daughters for one day and celebrate this special occasion with them. In an attempt to change this painful reality and make the upcoming Mother’s Day a special celebration, The Spot network of malls rolls out an unprecedented initiative to reunite expatriate children with their moms in Lebanon through its #SHTA2TELLIKMOM campaign. The project asks expats to post velfies (video selfies) using the hashtag on Instagram and Facebook, further expressing how much they miss their mothers back home.

This incentive aims to gift a valuable prize to every mother mentioned in a velfie by her child living abroad, with an objective to physically reunite expats behind the most creative velfies with their mother’s and celebrate Mother’s Day together.

The campaign also marks The Spot’s first step towards a special celebration for Mother’s Day and the best is yet to come!


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