KTM 390 Cup Motorcycle Race Hits Its 2nd Stage in Lebanon

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A.N. BOUKATHER, the official KTM dealer, hit its second KTM 390 Cup race at Pit Stop Track in Zouk Mosbeh on April 24,2016.

ANB Motorcycles club has more than 630 official active members who participate regularly in the official rides organized by ANB Motorcycles Road division.

More than twenty participants are eager to win the title this year, yet it takes six stages before the winner owns the first place. Riders who score the highest points, after the sixth stage, will have the privilege of winning the competition.

With this race, sponsored by Commercial Insurance, Total, CFC, Yuasa Batteries, and Continental Tires, the 2nd stage of the competition was completed, where advanced riders and clubman riders had the chance to perform their passion freely.

KTM Brand Manager Yves Khadra addressed the attendees aiming to raise awareness: “Motorcycle races can be safe in Lebanon, if they were done on safety tracks, and during these races we will prove this”. In his turn, President of ANB Club Riccardo Hosri: “We are glad that this race is one of a kind in Lebanon and is covering safety awareness along with the thrill of racing”.

“You want to race, do it safely on track”, this slogan represents the ANB’s ideology of racing and the goal behind all its events. Through safe racing ANB will lead by example and spread awareness.



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