Re-launch of OSIS+ the latest innovation in hair style

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SCHWARZKOPF Professional, one of the leading hair cosmetic brands worldwide, re-launched the trendiest and innovative product of OSIS+ in a glamorous event at Teatro Verdun, on the 23rd of May, 2016, in the presence of media representatives and a numerous amount of the industry’s most prestigious talents.

On the beat of hypnotic music reflecting the theme of the event, guests were received and spontaneously admired the energy that filled the area. The impressive re-launch of OSiS+ by the company’s representatives showcased the product’s innovative features in terms of creativity, massive styling performance combined with unique lightweight consistencies.

OSiS+ is a creative look-based styling range that pushes the boundaries of hair style, and inspires hairdressers to look more than just cutting the hair but to create an artistic vision while setting a new standard in style-related industries around the world.

OSiS+ injects energy and creativity into every look, pioneers its industry and sets new ground rules in hair dressing creativity and innovation.

OSiS+ gives the full level of control and allots professional hair dresser in bringing individual personalities with bold new styles.

After  the International OSIS  Workshop that occurred on February, 2016 in Hamburg and the OSIS workshop that took place in Dubai in March, 2016, the product reflected a total reliability and efficiency, allowing international hairdressers to experience new techniques and were able to witness its result beyond any expectation in terms of quality and variety of results.


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