“Keep Ramadan Shining” with Samsung

Samsung Ramdan

Samsung Electronics Levant, announced the launch of its #KeepRamadanShining campaign. Samsung aims to portray the brightness in every moment this Ramadan by capturing its essence through the different ways it is celebrated by individuals, family and friends, and entire communities, with the aim of bringing that essence to life for future generations.

The creative campaign stems from the realization that today’s fast paced, modern lifestyle, has transformed the way in which people throughout the Middle East experience Ramadan. In light of this, Samsung is supporting the younger generations in keeping the essence of Ramadan alive by letting it shine through their memories. #KeepRamadanShining is about capturing the moments, making them bright again and sharing them with friends, family and the world around.

In the spirit of storytelling, Samsung has joined forces with award winning international photographers and celebrated individuals throughout the region to capture the essence of what Ramadan is to them and their communities with the Galaxy S7 edge camera.

“Ramadan has always been celebrated throughout the Middle East region as a time when families gather to reflect and celebrate the essence of what the holy month means to them. We realized that as our world changes, so do the ways in which we celebrate and make memories. At Samsung, we have created an entire ecosystem that is transforming the way we capture memories, so that they can be relived as moments, time and time again,” said Fadi Abu Shamat, Head of Retail & Corporate Marketing at Samsung Electronics Levant.  “#KeepRamadanShining is a story telling campaign that captures flashes of the celebrative, reflective and community aspects that really bring this holy month to life.

This campaign is intended to be a dialogue for people to capture their experiences this Ramadan and share them with the world.”



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