LUSH Lebanon:Opportunity for Young Designers

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LUSH Lebanon, a leading retailer of fresh handmade cosmetics, in collaboration with Creative Space Beirut (CSB), a fashion design school offering free creative education, jointly launched a design competition. 10 students participated presenting their scarf design.

“At LUSH, we are committed to the community and dedicate an annual budget to support communities we work with, and this year we partnered with CSB to assist young fashion designers in their future path.” explained Lina Tannir, founding partner of LUSH Lebanon. ‘’LUSH is fun and creative in its products and activities, and every product has a story and an occasion,” added Tannir.

The jury session took place at the CSB premises and consisted of fashion magazine editors, LUSH Lebanon Executives and Public Relations professionals who voted for the best design with 60% of the overall grade; the remaining 40% were obtained through “likes” by the general public on Instagram and Facebook. Results came up on Aug 26th and the winning scarf designs were created by Ibrahim Fakhreddine and Ahmed Amer.

“We are so pleased to partner with LUSH Lebanon in this project especially as we possess common values,” said Sarah Hermez, the founder of CSB and fashion designer. “Our organisation is offering young individuals this unique opportunity to make design education accessible to all those with a vision, flair and drive, despite lacking the financial resources.”

The winning design was produced by LUSH UK and will be sold through the KNOT YOUR REGULAR WRAP campaign within LUSH Lebanon and LUSH MENA shops giving exposure to the successful designers and raising funds for CSB.


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