Garen Demirdjian: Sensational show in his Couture Collection

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On 27 April 2017 a captivating event revived D Beirut. Design lovers and well-known figures were part of the launch of Garen Demirdjian’s Couture Collection. This was no ordinary fashion show. It was the designer’s first couture collection under the name of Garen Demirdjian creating an avant-garde experience. Garen Demirdjian’s vison is to create a brand that does not follow or is made for followers, but leads from the front. Each piece is created for independent women who wish to make a statement.

The show engaged all the senses with sound, music, light effects, movement, performance and style. Guests were gathered in the showroom while the models would showcase the designs from a second room creating a distinct mood. Then one by one each model would emerge from the untouchable space and confidently walk around allowing the guests to see the designs in more detail. This daring escape from the traditional catwalk mirrors continued with the designer’s identity and image. This departure from the classical norm is also evident in the collection itself which exposes his inspiration. Garen Demirdjian is synonymous with creations that tell a story. The inspiration comes from the 18th century’s historical allure in addition to the grand cathedrals of the past and imaginary future worlds.

The artistic expression and dramatic anticipation reached new heights in the collection which features long dresses that showcase Garen Demirdjian’s unique yet timeless aesthetic. The bold, architectural, modern, wild, elegant and dramatic outfits have a powerful romantic flair. Marvellous pastel shades and elegant black dominate. The embroidery, distinct designs, eye-catching cuts, diverse fabrics and mesmerizing colours make each creation ideal for any special occasion. The collection merges traces of the past with an edgy future vision. Contrast, hardness, softness, mysterious allure and the reinvention of fabric come together to create designs with soul.

Garen Demirdjian revealed that: “I don’t have a favourite piece in this couture collection. The way a woman wears the dress is key and has the power to transform the impression it makes.”


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