Pull&Bear presents a colored collection

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Lively colors such as pink and orange, modern silhouettes and lots of denim garments all rank high among the new collections’ main features.

Designs for girls follow current major trends – tropical themes, flower prints and vichy checks. Oversize fittings stand out along with overlapped garments –corsets, tops–, manufacturing details such as flounce and sweatshirts displaying print messages. Fabrics featured include delicate tulle; poplin and denim, the latter present everywhere from jeans and skirts to dresses and jackets.

Punk inspiration powerfully drives designs for boys – this becomes apparent in transgressive-looking messages on several materials. Denim bleach, one of the season’s main trends, takes jackets and jeans. Tie-dye prints give T-shirts a modern twist while orange tones flood jackets and sweatshirts.


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