ABC Verdun to officially open end of July 2017


Exciting news for all shoppers looking for a seamless experience in the heart of Beirut! The wait is almost over as the much anticipated ABC Verdun gets closer to officially opening its doors on July 28th. Currently working on its final phases for its grand public opening, ABC Verdun is expected to attract locals and tourists alike.

Boasting hundreds of shops, restaurants and entertainment outlets, ABC and Bahaa Rafik Hariri Group have partnered, reaffirming their faith in Lebanon, its economy and its people. The project ABC Verdun will introduce more than 2,000 jobs to support the country’s continuous development and encourage Lebanese youth to believe in their homeland. By opening its doors in July, the prime shopping, retail and entertainment destination will be a social and economic anchor within Beirut. It is also set to unveil an exclusive range of new concepts in addition to lifestyle, entertainment, fashion, food and beverage shops.

Designed by Calisson RTKL, a renowned Seattle based Architecture consultancy firm who has an established and international experience in shopping malls worldwide, this state of the art venue has four strategic car entrances to ease traffic congestion and give visitors excellent access to the mall. The ecofriendly complex placed a high priority on efficient use of energy and recycling. Emphasizing the green space, ABC Verdun invested in a beautiful 1800 square meter Lebanese Garden, designed by the renowned landscape architect Vladimir Djurovic, to give the city a breathing space. Offering its visitors the chance to be closer to greenery, this innovative space features a variety of Lebanese flowers in addition to oak and olive trees.  The collaboration with Man Entreprise (main contractor), Khatib & Alami (local consultant), A Consult (local architect) and DG Jones (project manager), leaders in their fields, is also a major asset for the project.

Bringing world-class shopping to this bustling neighborhood, the iconic Mall is already over 85% leased by different local and international stores and restaurants. As for the fully leased Department Store, designed by Kinnersley Kent Design, it will offer ABC visitors in Verdun a shopping experience like no other with a comprehensive line-up of premium retail brands and concepts that will undoubtedly please everyone.


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