Chef Ivan Nonis in Pasquale restaurant, Grand Hills for 2 weeks

Now at 37 years old, he has become a Chef open to all new and innovative ideas in the modern gourmet scene, but always with a firm grip into traditions. 

chef Nonis

Beautystyleandco ask Chef Ivan Nonis:

  1. Chef Ivan Nonis, you’re coming for two weeks to Lebanon especially for the opening of Pasquale at Grand Hills, from what background are you coming?

Born in 1979, in a lovely village of Friuli Venezia Giulia (north east of Italy), I am specialized in authentic Italian cuisine. My house, located in Concordia Sagittaria, Veneto, is a little city founded in 42 A.C. by the Roman Empire. In my birthplace and thanks to the influence of my grandmother first, then my mother after, I have learnt the passion of the good traditional Venetian food and wine.  As a natural consequence for my passion, I attended the Hotel Culinary Institute, then worked across Italy and many European countries.

  1. What influenced your career and where have you worked till now?

The discovery of other cultures and traditions influenced my style and my recipes. Some of the most famous places where I have spent my culinary journey, are: “Restaurant Villa dei Dogi” (Caorle, Venezia), “Antico Martini” (Venezia) , “Club resort Villa del Mare” (Livorno),  “La coltellerie” (Avignone France, with Pietre Pomel), till the present  Crown Plaza Hotel in Milano.

Now at 37 years old, I have become a Chef open to all new and innovative ideas in the modern gourmet scene, but always with a firm grip into traditions.

I personally believe that in order to achieve the greatest goals in life, you must always have firm foundations on solid grounds.

  1. Why did you choose Broumana as a destination to execute your gastronomic chef-d’oeuvre?

Beirut is a culinary landmark in the Middle East and the region and I am very happy to have visited Grand Hills and Broumana that left me amazed by its heritage and atmosphere.

  1. What characterizes your visit to Pasquale?

I came to Pasquale to prepare new dishes mixing the Italian fine gastronomy with the Lebanese summer vibes, giving customers an unforgettable experience. For the opening and for two weeks, I will be giving special live cooking sessions where I will execute the finest Italian dishes, giving food lovers a glimpse of the world of Italian pasta.

In addition to that I chose Pasquale situated in Grand Hills, in the heart of Broumana village, for its décor that features a design leaving guests immersed by its vibrant interior, as well as its exterior garden and trained personnel’s courteous and warm welcome.

  1. Do you have special recipes that you can share with us?

Of course, the selection that I will give you is pure traditional Italian gastronomy.

Bresaola salad 


Bresaola con fichi, parmigiano e insalata mista

Air dried beef with figs, parmesan & spring mix


Bresaola sliced 80 gr

Mesculin mix salad 40gr

Parmesan cheese sliced 20gr

Extra virgin olive oil 5ml

Salt 1gr

Black pepper 1gr


Seafood selection 


From the sea:

Marinated anchovies 30 gr

Tuna carpaccio 30gr

Octopus 70gr

Rucola salad 15 gr

Iceberg salad 15gr

Shrimps 16/20 tail on 30gr

Squid U5 IQF 50gr

Semola 10gr

White mushrooms 50gr

Extra virgin olive oil 10ml

Garlic 3gr

Parsley 3gr

Mussels 50gr

Clams 50gr

Lemon juice 5gr





Beef ossobuco, porcini mushrooms, orange, saffron risotto


Beef shank 450gr

Celery 30gr

Carrot 30gr

Onion 30gr

White mushrooms 30gr

Porcini mushrooms 30gr

Leeks 30gr

Carnaroli rice 80gr

Red wine 20ml

Rosemary 3gr

Thyme 2gr

Garlic 3gr

Extra virgin olive oil 10ml

Butter 30gr

Flour 20gr

Tomato paste 10gr

Beef stock powder 5gr

Salt 3gr

Black pepper 1gr


Risotto ai Porcini 


Risotto ai Porcini (V)

Creamy Carnaroli Italian rice, flavored with porcini mushrooms


Carnaroli rice 100gr

Dry porcini 40gr

White wine 20ml

Rosemary 3gr

Butter 30gr

Parmesan cheese 30gr

Onion 20gr

Parsley 5gr

Salt 3gr

Black pepper 1gr  





Lady’s finger biscuit layered with coffee flavored mascarpone cheese


Savoiardi biscuit 20gr

Coffee 10ml

Mascarpone cheese 50gr

Cream 35% 25gr

Vanilla beans  1

Sugar 20gr

Pasteurized egg yolk 10gr

Jelly sheets 1

Cacao powder 5gr




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