Sport benefits with NIKE “Believe in more” workshop


History shows that sport has the power to drive change, and it can help anyone with a body push beyond their perceived limitations.

Nike exists to serve athletes*.  At Nike, that “*” signifies the belief that: If you have a body, you are an athlete.  Nike  want to celebrate, inspire and enable all athletes, from the elite to the everyday to better themselves through sport and movement.

Nike recognizes that sport does not always mean traditional competition.  Sport is also about the beauty of movement, which helps build strength (physical, mental, emotional).

Together with their athletes, employees and partners, Nike goal is to raise their voices and use the power of sport to better themselves and society.

Today’s kids are the least active generation with girls even less active than boys. We know that active girls are happier, healthier and more successful. Girls do better in school, and lower their risk for suicide and depression. Nike is committed to evening out the playing field and giving more women and children access to sport globally.

Girls are even less active than boys and face a number of barriers:  They are more likely than boys to lack confidence in their skills and feel self-conscious about their bodies.

Many girls around the world are culturally discouraged from being physically active, and by age 14 girls are dropping out of sports at 2 times the rate of boys.

While Nike has championed the female athlete for more than 40 years – from pioneering the first women’s marathon at the 1984 Games to their grassroots efforts around the world to get kids active – they have never been as focused on her as they are today.

Nike believe in the power of sport as a catalyst to empower women and girls. Sport teaches women and girls to push past their sense of what’s possible, shut down fears, and take leaps no matter what stands in their way.

No one knows athletes like Nike do. And because of that, their goal is to serve each and every athlete through innovation, inspiration, experiences, and services.

Nike is committed to delivering industry-leading products and services to all athletes to enable access to sport – from their NTC App (Nike+ training club) that helps people work out any time; to the Nike Pro Hijab allowing all women to workout anywhere; to their plus size apparel collection to fit any body.

Nike’s goal is to use sport to get more women and girls active. Since 1988, they have pushed athletes to “Just Do It”. But this year, they brought an increasingly personal and more powerful local meaning to the iconic line from Russia to the Middle East.

Through Nike’s first Arabic language Ad, the launch of their extended plus size collection, and a powerful message to Russian girls, they hope to embolden and inspire more women to positively connect with each other and their own strength through the power of sport and movement.

Now, Nike want to make that message even more personal, and partner with women who are inspiring women and girls in new and different ways.  From ballet to indoor skydiving; those females are the voices who will help inspire the next generation of women.

And for the Fall-Autumn 2017 season, Nike has released a new collection dedicated to all women trying to get more focused on their daily sport dose.

Chrome Blush Collection from Nike is crafted for performance, quality and durability. They also know when athletes look good, they perform better, so they don’t compromise on style.

Nike Chrome Blush collection is inspired by the idea of men and machine: this season’s color palette: new neutrals with high polish chrome elements.

Chrome blush collection is available in women’s Training, Running and Sportswear, both apparel and footwear including the latest running innovation, Nike Air Vapormax.


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