Tommy Hilfiger × Gigi Hadid collection now at ABC Verdun!

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Red, white, and blue: Tommy Hilfiger has been “America’s Sweetheart” fashion brand ever since its conception back in 1985. The multinational design empire opened its fifth Lebanon-based outlet in ABC Verdun, in the presence of influential figures and online bloggers, loyal customers, and media personalities. Attendees got to discover the ins and outs of the boutique, in addition to an exclusive live preview of Tommy’s fall 2017 collection.

With much success, the new space is designed in a way that reflects the effortless charm of the brand, evoking inspiration to all fashion lovers who seek nothing less than the latest trends. Among the available collections, for both men and women, was Tommy’s latest hit creation with American model Gigi Hadid. The fall 2017 TOMMYXGIGI women-only capsule is the third collection to be designed by Tommy Hilfiger in collaboration with Hadid, international supermodel and brand ambassador. The co-creators belt out a large number of remarkable designs for their latest collection, including sportswear, footwear, accessories like watches and sunglasses. This year’s fall collection sees a predominant influence from the world of rock-and-roll, embracing a rebellious spirit at heart – daring yet glamorous, edgy yet feminine. Each design blends Gigi’s personal style with the brand’s DNA, expressing individuality and celebrating the iconic looks of 90’s glamour rock while making women feel effortlessly cool. Following the pattern in recruiting pop culture’s most influential figures as brand ambassadors, the company recently appointed famous American musician/producer duo The Chainsmokers as global face of Tommy Hilfiger’s menswear. The award-winning duo manages to add a modern and youthful twist to a brand that is famous for successfully combing fashion and music in its global designs.

Similar to the brand itself, the boutique opening had a fresh and upbeat mood that kept people entertained all throughout the event; DJ Rea B played hit after hit, followed by a live band that performed a selection of songs with a little help from the audience. Attendees we’re in luck, as a live stitching station was set-up for all those who bought a polo or shirt during the event and wished to personalize their newest apparel. Tommy Hilfiger’s spokesperson expressed how “excited the brand is to open its first boutique in ABC Verdun, a mall that reflects a forward-thinking lifestyle, the same way Tommy Hilfiger represents an iconic fashion statement for modern day men and women. A lot of thought has been put into creating the best customer journey within this store, providing visitors with a unique shopping experience from a brand that they love.”

With every new season, Tommy Hilfiger always succeeds in delivering collections that set the trends in the fast-moving fashion industry. The brand is famous for having premium style, quality, and value, as well as recruiting internationally famous faces as ambassadors, most recently being Gigi Hadid for the women’s line and The Chainsmokers for the men’s. Naturally, it was only a matter of time for Tommy Hilfiger to open its doors in Lebanon’s latest state-of-the-art mall complex.


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