ABC Celebrates its #ShinewithHope Dedicated to the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon

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ABC’s #ShinewithHope campaign, in its third edition and in collaboration with the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL), hosted the kids for a heartwarming fashion show, where the true meaning of love and courage was displayed by all participants. Happiness inspired smiles of hope on the radiant faces of all those who attended, among which were local stars, influencers and media personalities.

As part of its corporate social responsibility plan, ABC aimed to create a memorable experience for kids affected with cancer as well as survivors of the disease, uniting to show support and instill hope among all the present children. The fashion show was hosted by Carla Haddad and included the participation of a number of Lebanese stars that all wanted to show their support and encouragement, the list included: Anthony Touma, Asadour Euredjian, Chloe Hourani, Jimmy Kantar, Marc Hatem, Marcelino Gebrayel, Sandra Abbas and Valerie Abou Chacra. ABC turned a runway show into a fundraising platform where kids cheered as they walked down the runway, one after the other, their biggest smiles in place and their best fashion attires in check.

The initiative saw tenants also join in on the cause, as many kids-wear brands from ABC Achrafieh mall and Department Store donated outfits to the CCCL kids, in addition some brands donated 2% from their sales from the 21st to the 29th of October.

ABC’s #ShinewithHope campaign continues to thrive because of its deep-rooted belief in the children of Lebanon and the importance of a future generation that is healthy and prosperous. This initiative aims at being a long lasting glimmer of hope for all children who are currently fighting cancer and aspiring towards a better future.

Through #ShinewithHope, ABC focuses on an effective Corporate Social Responsibility program that exhibits concrete results for the CCCL, making a better life possible for kids affected by cancer.


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