Antaki Group Launches House of Excellence Showroom in ABC Verdun

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Antaki Group, the sole distributor of high-end electronics in Lebanon, announced the debut of its new retail concept with the opening of its first flagship store, House of Excellence.  Located at ABC Mall, Verdun, Level 3, in the heart of Beirut, the store will feature premium brands serving as a gateway into the world of exclusive and top of the line electronics.

House of Excellence, established in 2013, is a premium electronic supplier that provides personal Audio, Home Audio, Professional Audio, Mirror TVs, Home Automation Systems, Hi-Tech Home Appliances and Professional Cameras.

The new store combines four top tier brands: Bose, Dyson, Fujifilm and Yamaha, where, and for the first time in Lebanon, the store will include a Dyson Shop-In-Shop section, where Dyson’s lighting will be on display for the first time.

“House of Excellence is perfect for audio lovers, interior decorators, photography enthusiasts and professionals, architects, and new customers alike. The new store creates a completely immersive experience into the world of high-end electronics,” stated Antaki Group Management. “We are now able to offer a complete showcase of our products and services as well as a creative setting for our customers, bringing this shopping experience to life in a brand-new approach.”

The new store will provide customers the opportunity to discover the world of electronics with a retail space. Additionally, the store will provide specialized demonstrations, personal consultations and dedicated support for customers through a qualified staff of retail professionals who will deliver expert information and advice to create the finest customer experience.


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