Adidas in the new iconic ABC Verdun

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Adidas does not miss a chance to impress, when it comes to shaping unique experiences. The leading brand celebrated the opening of its latest branch in the iconic ABC Verdun in the most festive ways, further anchoring its presence in Lebanon’s sports retail industry through a strategic expansion.

Held on December 29 & 30 in the new mall, the launching event was extraordinary. Partnering with several media influencers and public figures, adidas delivered a memorable experience animated by a series of activations, shows, and entertainment activities, adding its own touch of fun to the holiday season.

Running over two consecutive days, the inauguration activities included a Road Show by NRJ, a parade and dance dibbling show, a Zumba session by Marcelino, a training session by Maher Aoun and Meryl Chalita, as well as dribbling and goal stunt by Roda Antar and Fadi El Khatib. Apart from enjoying in-store and out-of-store bites specially customized to the brand, such as chocolate balls duplicating the official adidas world cup ball, cupcakes simulating the official Germany jersey, and juices recalling in their colors adidas jerseys, guests had the chance to participate in prize-awarding games like the Wheel of Fortune and the Run For It activation, where they had to spin the wheel or be the fastest in running to the store for an opportunity to win valuable prizes.

The entertainment was jazzed up by the pump up tunes of DJs Tala and Jade, further enlivening the atmosphere, while public figure Carla Haddad was the event’s media ambassador, interacting with guests and handling the social media buzz.

The newly opened store provides great products to athletes in all sports, constituting the latest addition to adidas’ network of over 156 stores across the MENA region, all boasting a wide selection of products, licensed apparel and accessories.

“Asserting our presence in both the new branch of Lebanon’s leading mall and the region of Verdun is nothing but a translation of adidas’ determination to spread its culture of passion and excellence to a largest audience possible. Designed to deliver an optimized shopping experience on all levels, this new store is another milestone we are proud to add to our exemplary record of achievements”, said Zeina Abou Laban, General Manager of adidas Group Levant.


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