Beating winter blues with LG’s content on demand


Seasons come and go but when winter knocks on our doors, only a few Lebanese welcome it with an open heart. The winter season brings with it a wave of emotions and changes in lifestyle, which, regardless of one’s age, gender, or seasonal preferences, winter blues tend to take over our day to day lives in numerous ways to the point of impacting how we use everyday appliances and products.

While some take it to the slopes to connect with nature’s offerings, others prefer to stay in and pamper themselves with indoor activities like online shopping, playing games, binge watching or drinking.  Essentially, making the most out of all the technological benefits which the 21st century has bestowed upon us. While these technological offerings have shifted our survival methods, humans adore staying in when temperatures drop, resulting in greater energy spending on a human level and on an electrical level.

By nature, winter prompts us to make use of all the possible ways in order to make the season more tolerable and convenient. Thunderstorms can accentuate Lebanon’s baffling and never ending electricity shortage where heaters and TV streaming can be interrupted at any second. With that in mind, the Lebanese people find themselves thinking of innovative ways to make extra use of technology to battle the distressing winter season.

This February, as winter hits its peak, all nations are witnessing a revolution in the world of smart technologies and IoT at Pyeongchang in South Korea where spectators do not have to cross seas in order to watch the sports games. The streaming technology offered will make the world feel welcome even through a screen. The Lebanese people in specific are eager to watch the games since three Lebanese athletes are taking part in the winter games. From the comfort of their smart homes, while stuck in traffic or in case of electricity outage, families and friends of participating Lebanese athletes do not have to worry about missing the games with the advanced demand livestreaming feature offered by LG’s latest smartphone devices.

With mobile screens set to become even more integral to the consumption of video content, LG’s G6 and V30 are both well positioned to meet emerging consumer demand. The V30 boasts a 6-inch, 18:9 FullVision Display while the G6 features a 5.7-inch immersive FullVision display that supports Dolby Vision and HDR 10. These cutting-edge screens make it possible for users to have an unrivaled viewing experience – including live sports – in the highest possible definition and user friendly way.

Managing Director of LG Levant, Hong Ju Jeon, indicates that, “LG is a world pioneer in the electronics and appliances industry, leading the market with world class innovative products that have gone past enhancing lives to offering consistent regular encounters for shoppers. We are innovation and customer oriented, driven by feasible, convenience and premium offerings.”

With the flexibility of modern smart networks, LG has given rise to an on demand culture that shows no signs of going back to the days of one-size-fits-all programming. LG’s technologies bring benefits to consumers during the long winter months, making them more convenient and personal. So winter blues cease to exist as one sits in the light of the moon, enjoying the comfort and coziness of their smart homes or as Scandinavian’s call it, hygge.


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