LeMall Jbeil, a futuristic vision for year 2020


Acres Development Holding and Hawat Investment announced during a join press conference that was held at Byblos Sur Mer hotel, the launch of the new LeMall Jbeil, due to open in 2020.

LeMall Jbeil distinguishes itself being the first of its kind in the region, a bridge bringing together the mountains with the coast, a meeting point between Tripoli, Batroun and Jbeil. The new LeMall Jbeil is set to become a new business and economic hub for the region and its surroundings.

Speaking first, Mr. Nabil Hawat, CEO Hawat Investment and owner of the new project, announced: “This new shopping destination in Jbeil is an ambitious venture that sustains our futuristic vision to take this city, renowned over the centuries for its historical achievements and discoveries, towards a prosperous future while keeping its role as an economic, business and touristic lighthouse”. He added: “This project meets the ambition of the new generation of Jbeil and Lebanon by offering 1,500 jobs approximately which will help fostering their bonds with the city. Our choice to partner up with Acres Development for the management of LeMall Jbeil lays its foundation in the long experience and sound expertise of the Holding in this domain.”

Mr. Georges Kamal, Vice Chairman and CEO of Acres Development Holding, owner of LeMall brand, expressed his satisfaction with the announcement today, saying: “We are firmly grounded in Lebanon and we firmly believe in the country and its young resources. We have achieved a considerable expansion over the years starting with Sin el Fil back in 2009, then Saida in 2010 moving to Dbayeh in 2012, and today in Jbeil in 2020”.



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