Introducing Caudalie’s new “Premier Cru Serum”


The French skin-care company Caudalie launched its new anti-aging serum, during a brunch gathering in Massaya, Faqra on the 28th of April 2018 in the presence of Lebanese and regional influencers and media representatives.

The Premier Cru Serum is the first product to contain Vinergy complex, an ingredient that revitalizes the skin to correct all the signs of aging. This serum is one of the products offered by the anti-aging range from Caudalie. This line is composed of 4 main products: an eye cream, the cream, the rich cream and the precious oil. All of the products are rich in the 3 ingredients patented by Caudalie: the grape-seed Polyphenols with an anti-oxidant effect, the Vine Resveratrol to plump up and firm the epidermis, and the Viniferine for its anti-dark spot properties.

So now you can shine, be radiant and stay young with the new Premier Cru Serum by Caudalie!


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