Ramadan Exhibition at ABC Verdun in collaboration with Afkart


Once more and as with every occasion ABC Verdun Mall demonstrates its uniqueness and artistry in celebrating the special events that its visitors hold dear to their hearts. Therefore, efforts have been made to welcome the holy month of Ramadan in a distinctive and beautiful way that creates an atmosphere of light, joy and culture specific to this blessed month. To embrace the spirit of Ramadan, ABC Verdun has adorned its premises with wonderful Ramadan decoration and motif that enthrall and delight shoppers and visitors.

In order to keep abreast of this period of good deeds and acts of kindness, ABC Verdun organized a Ramadan-themed exhibition lasting throughout the month, with the participation of a number of designers and artisans. It features a show of the latest graceful Abayas and caftans that reflect the charm of the Orient, designed especially for this month by several Lebanese designers.

In the evenings, ABC Verdun garden at L3 shall be abuzz with special activities and themed entertainment as part of Ramadan nights, thus, allowing the mall visitors of all ages to enjoy their time in a pleasant and diverting atmosphere and to have an outstanding entertainment and shopping experience. The event is organized in collaboration with Afkart.

As part of Ajialouna Ramadan 2018 campaign, under the concept of “A Tale for Everyday” ABC is hosting in its premises the artifacts of Ajialouna Organization, in addition to the exceptional work of fashion designer Rami Kadi, the beautifully designed and accomplished huge air balloon, dedicated to the magical time of celebration and joy which accompanies the holy month of Ramadan.


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