A.N. Boukather Motorcycles Enduro Cup Stage 2 Ehden Street

Main pic


A.N. Boukather Motorcycles organized the 2nd stage of the Enduro Cup introducing for the 1sttime in the Middle East and at the heart of Al Midan Ehden, a one of a kind street challenge exclusively for KTM riders, under the patronage of Zgharta-Ehden Municipality.

With the support of TOTAL Liban, Ehden Spirit, Commercial Insurance, Zgharta Traders Association and Rotoract Club of Zgharta Zawie, this event became promptly the biggest motorcycles’ race done in Lebanon.

Within a unique atmosphere, cheers of more than 4,000 attendees, 26 participants competed with pure sportsmanship within the closed streets of Ehden while climbing stairs and surpassing obstacles on the roads making it a pure “Ready to race” experience for the riders and the crowd!

Mr. Anthony Boukather, CEO of A.N. Boukather said: “We are delighted this time to assure for passionate riders a new kind of race and terrain, challenging their talent within a closed and safe area, allowing them to enjoy their passion safely and wisely on a track designed with expertise and high standards of security measures. We are pleased to share this momentum done for the 1sttime in the Middle East with Zgharta- Ehden Municipality who happens to believe and share with us our values of Safety, Solidarity and Social Responsibility.”

A.N.Boukather Motorcycles Enduro Cup Stage 2 set a new level for the motorcycles’ racing experience in Lebanon and delivered once again a memorable Enduro experience making us wonder what kind of race is happening next!



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