Marwan & Khaled reincarnate the Greek Regal Goddess Hera in their latest collection

Extravagance, royalty, love, and beauty are the pillars of Marwan and Khaled’s latest collection, which presents history’s authenticity through a modern eye. The two designers were inspired by the elegant and rich Greek mythology, specifically the tales of the Goddess Hera, who the Fall-Winter 2018-2019 collection is named after.

Designers Marwan Madi and Khaled Saifi broke the norms with their royal designs, as their pieces turned into works of art drawn on non-conventional and delicate fabrics such as silk, brocade, and tulle, embroidered with silver and golden threads. The designers also refrained from using lace and crystals in a bold decision which proved the excellence of their unique designs, and their ability to reach out to the modern elegant woman.

The collection was executed in a contemporary manner, with the pieces ranging from short dresses, to long ones, jumpsuits, and coats worn over evening dresses, alluding to the warmth of winter. The pieces are linked with the impeccable embroidery of the sun, shiny rays, and wheat strains, which were cohesive in marking beauty and love, both inspired by Greek culture. The outfits were embellished with feathers and luxurious embroidery, while some of the belts were incorporated in the shape of golden wheat strains.

The colors used in this collection are timeless, with a variety of teal and pastel green, inherited from the beauty of the Greek era, blending in with off-white, salmon, gold, and black, master of all colors.

The royal Greek essence presented in the 33-piece collection climaxes with an off-white wedding dress, which the designers Marwan & Khaled chose to be particularly regal and luxurious. The dress was delicately ornamented with hand embroidery and artistry unfolding within the dress’s pleats to give the wedding a royal spirit.


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