LG facilitates the usage of every day Smart Technology with AI


The debut of consumer-friendly smart technology in a range of platforms is allowing a growing number of users to become familiar with a technology that has the potential to shape daily life in the decades to come. However, the public may not be fully aware of just how smart technology could transform our lives. The power and potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) could be a true game changer.

Many view the continuous evolution and complexity of new technologies as insecure and impractical as they [users] only look at these technologies from a residential context. However, the benefits of smart technologies are vast when applied in cities, communities and services. Imagine living at a time where in the healthcare industry, AI can be used for early diagnosis of diseases like cancer in ways that are not possible with human detection. Where, AI and IoT will enable patient records to become universal, where they can be accessed by any hospital, doctor or insurance company at any time thus, meaning large costs associated with unnecessary tests and multiple visits could be eliminated. Now, imagine an ecosystem that allows cars, roads, pedestrians and healthcare services to connect to each other and respond automatically when a chain of events occur. So, if a car is speeding and its AI system anticipates an accident, it can contact the cars around it to request that they slow down. The moment an accident occurs, the road’s infrastructure will detect that it needs to redirect the traffic to allow for a clean-up operation. In the meantime, the ambulance service is already on its way having been alerted that there may be a casualty and who that person is, and insurance companies are already calculating the cost.

These are just a few of the dynamic benefits that smart technology and AI bring to the table. Smartphones have also had AI elements in them for years already. Facial recognition, fully taken advantage of by the likes of Snapchat, is an example of how AI biometrics have already seamlessly entered the daily lives of millions of users.

However, AI is not just one technology. It is future-oriented and holds far more opportunities.

Managing Director of LG Levant, Hong Ju Jeon, commented, “LG’s smart solutions demonstrate leadership in areas beyond the typical understanding of IoT. Like all tech companies and innovators, LG always makes sure to move forward in creating consumer-oriented technologies”.

The continued growth of AI innovation is taking shape around smartphones. LG is leading the way by offering physical AI access on the LG G7ThinQ with a dedicated Google Assistant button. A single tap of the button launches the program while two quick taps start Google Lens. This feature reduces the hassle of customizing settings, allowing the user to just focus on what’s in the frame, not on the settings. Users can also hold down the button and begin talking to the Google Assistant.

With that, we can see that the potential benefits of AI are expansive. Though it poses some risks in terms on consumer privacy but its inclusion in devices like the LG G7ThinQ and in ecosystems can facilitate tasks instead of complicating them.


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