HUAWEI nova 3 and nova 3i: A Legend in Purple

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Huawei launches a sophisticated legend in purple; Nova 3 and Nova 3i.

Every woman dreams of being a princess. Besides everyone’s favorite color, pink, these dreams are often painted with purple, the color that most is most closely associated with mystery and nostalgia. Purple is a color that transcends the definition of warm and cold, freely malleable to a myriad of shades depending on the colors that constitute it. That’s also the reason why even professionals dub purple the hardest color to get right. There is seemingly a limitless quantity of different shades to choose from, and no one has yet found the definite answer to which is the correct shade.



Amongst the thousands of different variations of purple, iris purple is perhaps the most peculiar of them all, and also the one that’s captivated most young, fluttering hearts. To many, the iris purple resembles the color of the blue jacaranda tree—and they’re right. The blue jacaranda is the national flower of South Africa that was introduced to Australia. It blooms from spring through to summer, and when it does, the street will be blanketed by a beautiful sea of purple. It’s so breathtakingly beautiful that words alone would fail to do it justice, so we’ll let the pictures do the talking.

purple 2

Iris Purple is not exclusive to the Southern Hemisphere—far from it. In recent years, the high fashion industry has been embracing iris purple. For instance, in the 2018 S/S season, many brands incorporated this magical color into their seasonal line-up, allowing supermodels around the world to have a taste of the enchanting color on the catwalk. It’s safe to say that iris purple has solidified its status as the cornerstone of popular culture, serving as a medium for expressive individuals to show the world who they really are.


Iris purple isn’t just for supermodels. In fact, iris purple adds to every woman’s look, regardless of how much is on display. That said, it’s not a color that goes with everything, so a bit of work is required to make sure one’s wearing it well.

The cosmetics industry has been riding the waves of the trend, offering a range of producing featuring a breadth of hues, with some look gentle and feminine, while others look playful and fun. Regardless it is on a hair band or a lapel pin, the iris purple helps to bring out the feminine side from any woman.


Besides the fashion and cosmetics industries, many brands are also joining in on the purple iris symphony. Amongst them all, the most stand-out product has to be the Iris Purple HUAWEI nova 3 and nova 3i. It’s mysterious and dreamy, and has an almost hypnotizing effect on the viewer. The complex gradient color that progresses from top to bottom, from blue to ultra violet. The gradient effect shows how the two colors perfectly melds into and complements each other, accentuating the curves of the HUAWEI nova 3 and nova 3i while giving the overall device a fuller, richer look.

Launched just this summer, the HUAWEI nova 3 and nova 3i exemplify the synergy between technology and design. Powered by Kirin 970 and Kirin 710 with 6GB RAM and featuring 24MP AI-assisted quad cameras, HUAWEI nova 3 and nova 3i do not just cater to user needs, but also help them capture the beauty around them. Beyond functionalities, the new gradient color shows a new re-imagined version of the romantic color. The HUAWEI nova 3 and nova 3i aren’t just devices or accessories—with everything it represent, they are more akin to a work of art, or a companion who will gladly accompanies its user on long walks under blue jacaranda trees.



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