Tania Saleh: Special concert at Beirut & Beyond Festival

Tania Saleh, the award-winning, multi-talented Lebanese singer, songwriter and visual artist, known for her novel artistic expressions will be performing on the 6th of December 2018 a concert at Beirut & Beyond International Music Festival, the festival dedicated to the celebration of musical innovation and diversity and the promotion of the Arab region’s independent music.

Saleh’s work is a multi-cultural restructured combination, marked by fierce lyricism and adventurous song writing. Her albums find their seeds in the huge sea of trials and tribulations of the Arab world, while her songs pick their poetic expressiveness from the garden of the greatest minds, finest writers, and heroes of everyday life.

Her upcoming concert will be a great opportunity to enjoy her distinctive songs, share her experimentation with non-mainstream music genres, witness her musical mastery, her talent and creativity in both music and lyrics, have a glimpse of her indicative murals in various Arab cities and get the meaningful conveyed messages, presented through her new album ‘Intersection’.

‘Intersection’, according to the artist is “a new path in my career, an audiovisual experiment, mixing Arabic poetry, classical and Arabic melodies, street art, Arabic calligraphy and contemporary electronic sound. It describes the state of the Arab World, standing still, at an intersection between East and West, religious beliefs, extremism and moderation, good and evil, war and peace.”

This multi-dimensional project was released by Oslo-based label, Kirkelig Kulturverksted (KKV) and made possible by collaborating with the experimental electronic-music producer Khalil Judran. It is about issues of concern in the Middle East, which are cleverly and passionately combined in visual and auditory elements to create something that is more than just an album.

The impeccably skilled Tania Saleh was invited to perform in various venues in 2018 such as Al Genaina Theater in Cairo, Oslo World Music Festival, Nobel Peace Centre in Oslo, Rabat Visa for Music, and will be performing after BBIMF concert at the ‘Institut du Monde Arabe’ in Paris.


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