Massimo Dutti :New perfumes for him and her

Massimo Dutti has embarked on an exciting new journey with the creation of a perfume collection for men and women formed of six pure, high-quality fragrances inspired by the art of travel, exclusively available in the brand’s more than 400 stores and at

The initiative reflects the brand’s firm desire to evolve towards the creation of new brand hallmarks reaffirming its positioning in the international fashion sector.

An all-new olfactory journey, the launch invites us to breathe in the essence of six iconic destinations selected by means of their distinctive aromas, serving as inspiration for discovering each of their intangible and ethereal realities. The result is a cartography of six fragrances embodying the spirit of each of the destinations thanks to the extraordinary power of smell to evoke and transport us to that place and time.


2 thoughts on “Massimo Dutti :New perfumes for him and her

    1. Hello Dear,

      Yes it is a Spanish Brand and we love it too! They manage to conserve classy, modern and stylish in a single collection. Glad you liked it!

      Have a nice day,
      BeautyStyle team


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