Swiss Nu-Bass 6tet at the Beirut International Jazz Day


Under the Patronage of UNESCO, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Tourism, and in collaboration with the Embassy of Switzerland in Lebanon, the Lebanese Cultural Festivals Association and the Beirut Jazz Festival organized the 7thedition of the Beirut International Jazz Day, on April 30 at Beirut Souks, where free concerts took place with the participation of Switzerland and the Nu-Bass 6tet.

One of the important highlights of this year’s edition is the participation of Switzerland through the “ethno-jazz” group Nu-Bass 6tet, a band of six musicianscoming from different parts of the world like France, Tunisia, Switzerland and India. Having a big experience in improvisation and musical interaction, and great skills on their respective instruments, piano, drums, table, oud and a rare combination of two contrabass, they play all over the world since many years.

The Jazz Day featured this year, in addition to Nu-Bass, a number of local bands, including, Band Audi, Anna Kudinova Mattar Jazz Quartet Feat. Ali Jradi On Sax., Real Deal Blues Band, Monday Blues Band and Iyad Sfeir and the Proud Music Society.

Ms. Randa Armanazi, Director of the Lebanese Cultural Festivals Association and the Organizer of the Beirut International Jazz Day, she expressed her pride in the Lebanese jazz lovers who never missed an edition of the International Jazz Day, saying, “Beirut International Day is offering Beirut a way of communication with all other cities around the world celebrating this day. We are grateful for all Lebanese and foreigners who participated in this year’s edition”.

As for the Deputy Head of Mission at the embassy of Switzerland to Lebanon, Mrs. Elisabeth Gilgen, she said, “The embassy of Switzerland is generously supported by cultural sponsors from Lebanon and Switzerland that has allowed us to bring the Swiss culture to Lebanon and today at the Jazz Day, we were able to bring Nu Bass. In Lebanon, there is a rich cultural scene which is amazing for a small country, so we are very happy to support this.”

The Lebanese Cultural Festivals Association whose members have organized many festivals and received the 2012 Time Out Best Music Festival Award for Fête de la Musique and 2016 Lebtivity most popular event 2015 in Lebanon, is organizing this year’s edition of Beirut International Jazz Day, believing that no matter the circumstances, jazz will always prevail.


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