Maison Rabih Keyrouz launches his summer 2020 collection “Hamdella” during Paris fashion week

During the Paris Fashion weekMaison Rabih Keyrouz showcased his spring-summer 2020 couture line untitled “Hamdella”.  

The Lebanese-international designer offered a bouquet of colorful dresses inspired by the tale of a day.  The collection was generally centered on powder pink to midnight blue colors that tells the story of a day slowly stretching into the night. In this collection, the brocades and the golden light shining out of a pleat tell the opulence of a distant country. 

The delicate muslins are longing to describe the traits of an elegant.  

The bold stripes are reminiscent of a lunch under the trees on a sunny day. 

Evening dresses merge into the pure lines of a princely caftan. The discrete yet daring openings of a drape reveal the promises of seduction. 


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