JOHNSON’S transformation through innovation

Johnson’s® never stops raising the bar when it comes to delivering what’s best for your baby – that drives everything they do. Guided by a mission to create the gentlest products backed by rigorous science, and a desire to address parents’ growing needs, Johnson’s® transformed their entire baby care range – from what’s inside the bottle to packaging and usability.

Since Johnson’s understand how baby skin and hair have unique needs at every age and stage, they not only reformulated, but have also expanded into a newborn range of products, called Cotton Touch, so parents can feel more confident when choosing the right product for their child, from day one! Products have been designed in four different stages, each defining the key stages of infant growth and development. They range from newborn, to active baby, kids as well as the iconic classics range for family use.

Innovative technology was at the heart of developing new formulas. Using 50 percent fewer yet more purposeful high-quality ingredients, all washes, shampoos, lotions and creams are even gentler. They are made using simpler and more naturally derived ingredients without dyes, sulphates, parabens and phthalates. That means products now include 96% naturally derived ingredients such as soybean and coconut oil. Formulas are now less greasy and faster absorbing, yet deliver the right amount of moisturization, leaving no unwanted residues.

One of the most important elements was making bath-time enjoyable for both parent and baby. Fragrance is an important element as it helps parents and children to bond which is why the formulas have been created free of known fragrance allergens. Johnson’s® worked on improving bath-time by designing softer, ergonomic bottles with convenient pumps for one-hand use. This way, mums and dads can remain focused and hold their baby throughout.  Johnson’s® pushed themselves to create a sulfate-free formula that creates a velvety, foaming cleanser – cutting out the unwanted ingredients but maintaining the bubbles that both parents and babies want.

Johnson’s® new products do more than just cleanse and moisturize, they turn ordinary minutes of care into important bonding moments at every age and stage, strengthening the connection between baby and parent. Gentle fragrances in the products help to create that direct connection to memory and emotion, making memorable bath-time experiences.

What to expect when you’re shopping for your little one? Well, let’s start with the new Cotton Touch range which is delicate enough to be used on Newborns’ skin from day one. The classic ranges we’ve grown to love are still the same! From their Chamomile Shampoo to the classic Gold Shampoo and everything in between. As for kids, you can find their Shiny Drops, No More Tangles, Strength Drops ranges and more.


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