BOUCHERON launches the new Serpent Bohème collection

In 1968, Serpent Bohème became the focus of a mesmerizing jewelry narrative that continues to this day. A subtle droplet shape and a chiseled body rippling beneath golden scales, over the years this motif has become a great classic in Boucheron’s repertoire. A wonderful demonstration of the craftsmanship of Boucheron’s jewelers. Although over the last fifty years the motif has undergone some changes, leaving out the precious drop crowned with gold beads, sometimes exchanging its diamond paving for a new set of colored stones – turquoise, lapis lazuli or white mother-of-pearl -, its spirit has remained unchanged. It has evolved from pendant to bracelet, from ear stud to ring, from watch to headband, experimenting with new ways to be worn, but always retaining the aura of mystery that surrounds women of character. Choosing Serpent Bohème means choosing a special, powerful and protective talisman that embraces femininity. Like Boucheron women, Serpent Bohème has panache, but is still gentle, and it has never been so free.


Two beautifully asymmetrical drops paved with diamonds and rimmed with yellow or white gold beads embrace the finger as if by magic. Try wearing it with a discreet ear stud or a simple Serpent Bohème XS ring.


Infinitely free, these earrings will suit any mood and any look. In yellow, white or pink gold, these subtle diamond-paved drops are sold individually and adorn the earlobe with a lovely touch of sparkle. You can create many different looks by adding a second detachable motif to the original one. Paved with diamonds, they make beautiful earrings with graphic elegance, but they become more pop and playful when the diamonds are swapped for bright stones set with mother-of-pearl, lapis lazuli or rhodolite. An irresistible palette of colors that reaffirms the spirit of freedom so dear to the Maison Boucheron.


Mounted on a fine twisted chain in yellow or pink gold, five Serpent Bohème motifs reinvent the charm of the bracelet. Turquoise, lapis lazuli, rhodolite garnet or mother-of-pearl embellish the iconic little drop paved with diamonds on both sides. These bracelets are fresh and sweet and can be stacked together on the wrist.


An exquisite drop of rhodolite garnet crowned with pink gold beads is combined with a delicate twisted pink gold chain adorned with a small round-set diamond.


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