Pamper your skincare regime with KJ Serums hand blended TRIOLOGY range

Homegrown skincare brand KJ Serums fills the gap in the UAE market by providing freshly made and hand blended serums to its discerning beauty consumers. Developed by Kathryn Jones, an ex-biopharmaceutical scientist, the small but mighty range of serums has brought exceptional results to those who have tried and loved their products. 

With the brand’s mission to hand pick the best active ingredients for their range, it allows KJ Serums to avoid overloading formulas with unnecessary preservatives or additives and enables them to pride themselves on their value: Fresh = Effective. Their serums are also vegan friendly and free from parabens, PEGS, phthalates, sulphates, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances and formaldehyde. These values keep KJ Serums unique, as the only skincare brand in the region offering a subscription service of hand blended and fresh serums each month, ensuring powerful results. 

The natural potency of the L-ascorbic acid, form of Vitamin C, that is used in the Triology range has extremely powerful and positive anti-ageing benefits  andoffers a great source of hydration, protects from sun damage, increases collagen production and promotes healing of the skin. Paired with the antioxidant power of Vitamin E and Ferulic acid, the KJ Serums Triology Day & Night Duo help the skin appear brighter, fresher and glowing, and with prolonged use, can provide many of the long-term benefits mentioned. Triology Night Serum has the added nourishing benefits of sweet almond and castor oils to hydrate your skin overnight. 

KJ Serums allow their consumers the option of personalizing the potency of their Triology serums before ordering, allowing those who have more sensitive skin, or those who are not used to the effects of such powerful actives to become acclimatized to the fresh vitamin C. Those who are more familiar with active ingredients and have used L-ascorbic acid before can try the higher potency option for best results. 

In the daytime, the Triology Day Serum can be complemented with HA-ppy Face Serum from the full range for optimal results. Both products work together to reduce pigmentation and confer anti-ageing benefits, hydration and a brightening effect, giving a beautiful healthy glow to the skin. The Triology Day and Night Serums are available to UAE customers on and are priced at AED 145 for 30ml or AED 195 for 60ml


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