Art, the most expressive form of our souls!

Some express feelings and emotions, particularly pain and grief through words, others with tears, and there are those who express themselves through art, and their painting plume.

Youth artists, students and the public were called upon to express their resiliency & national pride in commemorating the victims of August 4, 2020, the Beirut blast where (more than 2 hundred dead, thousands of homes destroyed, and immeasurablelosses incurred on the Lebanese people and economy).

Contestants presented their work after one week of the announcement of the competition.

The judges included:

-Actor Wajih Sakr

-Painter Maral Manissarian

-Painting teacher & AYP2ZED Painting academy founder Maral Panossian

-Painting teacher & AYP2ZED Painting academy founder JirarPanossian

-Creative consultant, former art & design instructor at NDU

Honorary and valuable prizes were given.

While everyone had a beautiful and creative form of artwork, few were chosen for the most expressive art:

-1ST Award for Youth: Yara Saber

-2nd Award for Youth: Jennifer Boghossian

-3rd Award for Youth: Lyne Abou Zeid

-1ST Award for Adults: Marie Khoury

-2nd Award for Adults: Layal Fares


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