The House of Creed introduces Wind flowers, its latest fresh and floral female fragrance

Long awaited and more than 5 years in the making, Master Perfumer Olivier Creed is delighted to unveil Wind Flowers to the world.  Olivier was personally inspired by the unique combination of the grace and strength of a dancer’s flowing movement through the wind in the air.  So he created a beautiful sparkling floral fragrance with magical undertones of reminiscent of woody nougat.  In Wind Flowers Olivier Creed evokes strength of movement with the airiness and delicacy of femininity.

The House of Creed is proud to present its latest creation Wind Flowers. Floral and fresh, this fragrance opens with sweet jasmine, wrapped around the zesty scent of Tunisian orange blossom and a fruity peach note. A flurry of warm sandalwood is twisted around the floral heart of a delicate jasmine flower, tuberose petals and a sweet rose extract which adds depth and texture to this fragrance. A haze of iris and musk deepen the base, as a fragrant note of orange blossom and creamy praline offsets the dusky floral scent.

Inspired by the strength of a woman flying through the air, Wind Flowers is a journey of dance. A story that unveils graceful movements alongside reflective thoughts rush through the body as the sensation of strength, empowerment and freedom overwhelm the senses. 

To represent the beauty of this scent, The House of Creed is proud to introduce its muse, Lauren Cuthbertson. As much as her technical prowess and her musicality, Cuthbertson is renowned for her acting. When she steps on stage, from her expressive eyes to the tips of her pointe shoes, her entire essence becomes the character. Working with her own personal perfumer and others, she creates bespoke fragrances not just for particular roles but for individual scenes: ‘There’s a really big contrast in such a short space of time and you have to emote that very quickly to the audience. Scent puts me right in that time and place. It hits me harder than any costume or prop change can.’ 

Perfumes bring the dancer closer to her character and Wind Flowers is a statement fragrance that will inspire people around the world.

Classification: Floral, Amber. Fresh 

Head: Jasmin (India), Orange Blossom Tunisia, Peach

Heart: Jasmine Sambac, Tuberose Absolute, Rose Centifolia, Sandalwood India

Base: Iris, Orange Blossom Tunisia, Musk Notes, Praline 

The Bottle:

Wind Flowers bottle represents the contrast between strength and grace. The oval cap gives dimension and depth to the rest of the packaging. The brand’s heritage Fleur de Lis is embossed to create an incredible product our clientele will keep forever to be reminded of this brilliant scent. The signature Creed silver bow as delicacy.


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