Beating winter blues with LG’s content on demand

  Seasons come and go but when winter knocks on our doors, only a few Lebanese welcome it with an open heart. The winter season brings with it a wave of emotions and changes in lifestyle, which, regardless of one’s age, gender, or seasonal preferences, winter blues tend to take over our day to day lives in numerous ways to the point of impacting how … Continue reading Beating winter blues with LG’s content on demand

New LG G6 with a large full vision

LG Electronics (LG) unveiled the G6 smartphone, the newest smartphone that features a bold new display format complimented by a cinematic viewing experience, exceptional screen to body ratio, wide angle camera and more. Designed in response to consumer feedback and user opinions, the G6 is a back-to-basics approach to premium smartphones, with a focus on the features consumers want, most notably a big screen that … Continue reading New LG G6 with a large full vision

LG G5 smartphone in Lebanon!

LG Electronics, the South Korean tech leader, has officially launched its much anticipated LG G5 smartphone in the Lebanese market, in front of a media crowd during a brunch, in Beirut. LG G5 represents many innovations that revolutionized today’s mobile lifestyle and gaming fanatics. “Life’s good when you play more” slogan guides today’s generation to the amenities of LG G5 in terms of gaming and … Continue reading LG G5 smartphone in Lebanon!

إل جي إلكترونيكس تكرّم الأمهات

احتفالاً بعيد الأم، نظمت شركة إل جي إلكترونيكس حفل برانش مميز في مطعم مندلون كافيه، الأشرفية، دعت إليه وجوهاً نسائية بارزة في عالم الصحافة والإعلام، تقديراً لدور كل واحدة منهنّ في حياة الأشخاص المحيطة بها وشاكرةً مساهمتها في التطوّر الابتكاري للعلامة التجارية في ميدان الاستهلاك الإلكتروني وقد سعت الشركة الرائدة في عالم الاستهلاك الإلكتروني إلى تقدير الدور البارز للأم في المجتمع اللبناني والتنشئة الصحيحة التي … Continue reading إل جي إلكترونيكس تكرّم الأمهات

New V10 smatphone from LG

    LG Electronics announced the launch of its all-new V10 Smartphone in Lebanon. The announcement came during a fun gathering organized by LG Electronics for a select crowd of media representatives on December 21, 2015 who got the chance to experience the V10’s distinctive features on the spot. The use of high-grade stainless steel and a durable silicone skin makes the V10 one of … Continue reading New V10 smatphone from LG